Monthly Archive: June 2014


8- It’s about them, not you.

At least once a month for the past five years I’ve ordered an Italian cold cut sub for dinner after a late night at the office. Last month my local sub shop did the unthinkable! They changed their bread. Unappreciative of the new bread, I decided to try a different sub shop on the way home. I was pleasantly surprised when, after I dialed the number, the man on the other line asked what my...


7- Client Dinners 101

There is a reason that most cultures, past and present, have a phrase for “breaking bread”. Sharing a meal with a group of people helps  build a communal bond and can be one of your strongest tools when it comes to forming, or furthering, relationships with clients. These experiences can be a positive factor in your career growth, or can be a significant hurdle- depending on how you handle yourself. Have you been invited to...

Gaming-style controller can be used to control construction equipment

If you played Atari, Nintendo, or Xbox, you might be a good candidate for a heavy equipment operator.  Humanistic Robotics just introduced their new SafetySense® Controller system. According to the press release the controller is lighter and easier to use than any of their competitors. Plus, the controller is water, shock, and dust resistant! Looks like construction just got more fun!