Monthly Archive: October 2015

28- Never lose sight of your goals

Never lose sight of your goals A lesson from Buzz Aldrin Did you know that the first time Buzz Aldrin applied to be an astronaut he was rejected? His application boasted such achievements as a B.S. in Military Engineering from Westpoint, a Ph.D. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a distinguished career as a fighter pilot during the Korean Conflict. With these great achievements, he was not accepted into the program because he hadn’t been...

Bees, like humans, are affected by caffeine

  According to a new study by Current Biology, bees who forage on caffeine containing nectar such as that found in Coffea and Citrus species may be adversely affected because they overestimate the quality of their newly found provisions. Read the entire article here    

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27- Surround yourself with people who challenge you

Surround yourself with people who challenge you A Lesson from Legend Buzz Aldrin A few months ago I had the honor of meeting Buzz Aldrin. He was the second man to walk on the moon during Apollo 11’s historic mission. Although most people recognize him as the man behind the visor in the iconic photograph Neil Armstrong snapped, his contributions to science and technology are much more far-reaching. As evidenced by the child who touches...