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Bees, like humans, are affected by caffeine

  According to a new study by Current Biology, bees who forage on caffeine containing nectar such as that found in Coffea and Citrus species may be adversely affected because they overestimate the quality of their newly found provisions. Read the entire article here    


Mining the moon may pay for colonization

It’s been over 46 years since Apollo 11 landed on the moon. Scientists are now proposing that mining for resources may generate enough capital to colonize the moon. Read more here:


Mongolian Ship Found in 13th Century Wreck

The Asahi Shimbun reports that the second shipwreck found  from an attempted Mongolian invasion of Japan in the 13th century. It is believed the ship sank due to a natural disaster before it reached Japan’s shores. Click here for more

High-speed cameras & rain drops

Very cool study on raindrops, hopefully one day we will know exactly why rain smells amazing! Until then, at least we know that it releases “bacteria, pathogens, and contaminants.” Read about it here:


Found: An Ancient Metal Alloy – Orichalcum

While searching the wreckage of a ship that sank 2,600 years ago, divers found 39 ingots of orichalcum, an ancient brass-like metal alloy that, according to Plato’s Critias Dialogue, covered citadel walls on Atlantis. Makes me wonder how many other forgotten treasures lay in the vastly-unexplored Oceans. Read more from Discovery News here.  

Construction of the New Tappan Zee Bridge Has Started

NY’s first new bridge construction in over 50 years is going to be a massive undertaking! Check out the article by Popular Science:

Excavator & mulcher- all in one?

Awesome addition to any earth moving company (or any home with an unwieldy backyard?)! For more information check out the company who makes this cool toy.    

Gaming-style controller can be used to control construction equipment

If you played Atari, Nintendo, or Xbox, you might be a good candidate for a heavy equipment operator.  Humanistic Robotics just introduced their new SafetySense® Controller system. According to the press release the controller is lighter and easier to use than any of their competitors. Plus, the controller is water, shock, and dust resistant! Looks like construction just got more fun!