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Be the Talk of the Campground with a New Grillo!

Today’s Success of the Day (SotD) goes to Mirko Bocek, Martin Oberhauser and  Alain Brideson, who- in conjunction with formAxiom- developed the Grillo. Thanks to Wired.com we now know about this cool new grill!  It isn’t available yet- but add it on your wishlist to be the talk of the campground! It folds like an umbrella, is light-weight, and the chain-mail (like) structure allows you to light from the top and the bottom! Watch the...


4- Making Decisions: Squint Your Eyes and Pull the Trigger

Decision making is a skill. Learning how to make fast confident decisions can set you apart from the crowd and make you a valued voice of reason on your team. While others will debate and waffle on their opinions, you can show your leadership by making your mind up quickly and moving forward with an action plan to boost the team’s productivity. Learning how to process lots of information, weigh and balance multiple options, and...


3- 4 Career Lessons from Grandpa’s Christmas Train

Happy National Train Day! As a child, I looked forward to playing with my grandfather’s Lionel model train set every year at Christmas. Most years there was a new piece of track to expand the railroad territory- centered on the Christmas tree. However, my excitement for the new track was typically short-lived. I found it a challenge to connect the tracks properly. The circuit was not complete unless the pieces were put together – exactly...


How to Knock Out Your Student Loans

For today’s Success of the Day we are sharing Anna Newell Jones’ success in paying off her $23,605.10 student loan in one year. You are an inspiration to all of us, Anna! Read more of the article posted by Business Insider to learn how you can repeat her success!  http://www.businessinsider.com/how-one-woman-paid-off-23000-of-debt-in-15-months-2014-4#ixzz30T5OnPCG

Roaring Lion 0

2- Don’t Get Eaten By Lions! 6 Steps to Thinking Out of the Box

One of the benefits that you have as a new professional is your ability to think differently than others around you. Many tools have carved your personality and thought process. These include your technical training, relationships with friends and family, and work history. A variety influences have helped shape who you are and how you think. Use this to your advantage. We are wired by our DNA to be part of a larger group for...


1- Who’s on First

If you haven’t seen the iconic “Who’s on First” Abbot and Costello routine, stop reading, find it on Youtube, and spend five minutes watching it. Then read this post. You’ll thank me the next time someone in your office asks “who’s on first?” In short, Costello, a new team member, asks Abbot, the new coach to tell him who is on the team. Abbot explains that Who’s on first, What’s on second, and I Don’t...